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No book is worth a thing if it’s full of errors. Spelling, grammatical and even simple syntax improvements can raise the level of your work to something truly professional. No publisher worthy of the name will allow a book to be produced without working out all the errors, and we’re fanatical about getting this right. This is part of the process that will really help your copy sing.


Great copy wrapped in terrible design is no good at all. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is, that we all do. Great covers draw us in. There’s no sense in short cutting this. Added to that, clean, consistent, and maybe even daring design of the pages between the covers makes the difference between an amateur product and a professional one. Our design team is genuinely great at these.

Printing & Delivery

The mechanical part of the process is the bit that can be steeped in technical mystery if you are from outside of the publishing world. Our job is to get the right material off to the right printer, in the right way; to ensure that you get the best possible quality, from the type of paper we select, to the fun things that can make your cover really pop, and get those delivered to your door.


The low barrier to entry for selling books on platforms such as Amazon Kindle, makes it a sea of poorly-conceived, unedited and badly-designed books. There’s a technical knack for getting it right, and that’s part of our process. Your book, online, on sale, with royalties paid directly into your account, by passing us altogether. The whole point of digital publishing is to avoid the middleman. In that case, that would be us. We’re happy to get out of your way.


If your book is going to get noticed and gain traction, it pays to have supporting material. A website, an introductory video (starring you!), an email newsletter of your own, for you to write and send, and the tools required to build an audience. The marketing package we supply to our authors is well thought out and tested by other West St. Floyd authors who served as guinea pigs along the way. If you're willing to get behind your book, we have a whole package of cool stuff to help you create the buzz your book deserves.


Your book will feature on this website for several weeks after publication, and become a permanent searchable part of our catalogue. Right alongside, we'll provide links to your website or blog and your Amazon Kindle edition. We'll drive awareness through our social media properties at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, making our readers aware that your book is out and you will be featured in the West St. Floyd Chronicle, our monthly email newsletter. Driving awareness of your book is key if you are to create business opportunities, and you can trust that we're on it ...

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The Dream Team

Colin J Browne

Colin J Browne

Founder and CEO

Colin is an experienced business journalist in South Africa, Dubai and the UK, who has a real passion for quality publishing. He has also produced books of his own, through the identical process designed for other West St. Floyd authors, driving his organisational culture consultancy Happy Sandpit, from zero to more than R4,000,000 in sales across five African countries in just two years. The secret: it launched with a great book on the subject, How to build a Happy Sandpit.

Brendon Bester

Brendon Bester

Head of Design

Brendon is a multi-talented design and layout expert who heads up the technical area of our business, making your books look spectacular with his unique flair. He’s had a lifetime of experience in magazine and book design, working on such excellent South African titles as SALESGURU, Marketing Mix and at Caxton Newspapers and he exhibits all the classic West St. Floyd hallmarks of a giving, caring, beyond-the-limits customer-focused (that means YOU!) expert.

Audrey Mhlanga

Audrey Mhlanga

Commercial and Events Manager

Audrey is in charge of the commercial side of our operation, with all the requirements for client liaison. It’s her job to assess whether projects we take on have real viability so that we can ensure that we’re giving our customers the best advice before you go and invest your money. She’s a smart, dedicated, excited human being and we’re sure you’re going to love dealing with her.

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The spirit that drives West St. Floyd is the desire to provide a world-class, fairly-priced service designed by one self-published business author, to others with a similar dream of producing a book of your own. Whether you want a brilliant marketing tool for your business, or something that creates real influence, at West St. Floyd, we take your idea and make it world class, the way you dreamed it would be. Let us help you to get the best from your idea!
Colin J Browne

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